Chris Katsaropoulos


What would happen if every single one of us made the decision to rise above hatred, fear and vengeance?

Unilateral is the story of two young people locked in the brutal grip of a region at war. Amel is a young Palestinian student who lives in the crowded apartment blocks of Gaza City and is confused by the hatred, destruction and upheaval that disrupts her family’s simple life. Ra’anan is a fighter bomber pilot in the Israeli Defense Forces who takes his mission very seriously… and doesn’t know what it means to fail.

The destinies of Amel and Ra’anan are intertwined, though they cannot yet realize it. The differences and striking similarities of their worlds unfold in a beautifully rendered sequence that swiftly leads to a single moment of transcendent connection, a moment that requires Ra’anan to decide whether he will follow someone else’s commands and destroy Amel’s life, or make the unilateral decision to follow his own heart.

Chris Katsaropoulos is the author of more than a dozen titles, including the novels, FRAGILE and ANTIPHONY and UNILATERAL, ENTREVOIR and the poetry collection, COMPLEX KNOWING. He has traveled extensively in Europe and North America, and enjoys collecting books and music.

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"There is an element of higher meaning in this story that makes it fascinating to finish and to contemplate the experience of reading it."
What if the universe is really a giant thought?
Complex Knowing
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ImprintWaterfront Digital Press
Publication Date2014-10-02
Publication StatusIn Print
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