Microsoft Word 2013 for Law Firms

Microsoft Word 2013 for Law Firms



Focusing only on those features of Microsoft Word 2013 that are relevant to the legal community, this updated edition of the Payne Group’s market-leading guide to Word provides industry-specific information about the computer program that will help legal professionals operate effectively and efficiently in their environment. A companion website also includes customized legal templates and documents, hands-on exercises, and practice files, among many other services. Whether they are using Word for the first time or simply updating to the most recent version, readers will find all of the information they’ll need to increase their productivity and make the most out of Microsoft’s word processing program in this expert manual.

“The latest release in PayneGroup's venerable Word for Law Firms series is the best yet and will scale up the skill and productivity of all who work in Word. Every chapter teems with easy-to-follow directions and practical tips from the most talented trainers in law firm automation. Even veteran Word users will have ‘aha’ moments reading Word 2013 for Law Firms.”
—Craig Ball, Attorney and Forensic Technologist, Certified Computer Forensic Examiner

“Donna Payne and her team at PayneGroup have a rich history of demystifying Microsoft's Word, and helping intimidated legal professionals lose their fear and fully exploit its myriad features.
— Monica Bay, Editor-in-Chief, Law Technology News

“PayneGroup quite simply ‘wrote the book’ on Word. Their ongoing updates in keeping pace with new releases of the product are a testament to their commitment to the legal community. PayneGroup has raised the bar (not an easy feat) with this edition, and the collaboration among the experts in the community is outstanding. The iconic ‘Expert Tip’ feature is back with a vengeance, and it’s truly the ‘tip of the iceberg’ in this incredible book. Word!”
—Randi Mayes, Executive Director of the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA)

“PayneGroup has written the definitive resource for legal professionals wanting to master Microsoft Word 2013. As with their previous books, PayneGroup again goes beyond the basics and unlocks the full potential of Word to create complex legal documents. This book is the essential reference for law firms.”
—Gina Buser, CEO of Traveling Coaches, Inc.

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