The Field

The Field

2014 Eric Hoffer Award ~ Yound Adult

Tracy Richardson

There is more to Space than space. Bronze Medalist 2013 Moonbeam Children's Book Award


Eric Horton has been having visions - terrible dreams that wake him up at night - of explosions and fire and someone screaming.

On the soccer field, he’s been in the ‘zone’, saving shot after shot as one of the starting keepers for his high school varsity team with what feels like supernatural awareness of where the ball is going to go next. And the connection he feels with Renee, the hot new exchange student from France, seems almost like he’s known her forever. But all these wild visions and synchronicities are nothing compared to the strange experiments Renee’s dad is cooking up in the physics lab at the University. He’s asked Eric to take part in these tests, and that makes Eric question whether what he’s seeing and hearing is reality, or something far beyond it.

Then when his best friend Will starts drinking way too much and Renee has eyes for other guys, Eric loses the edge he’s always had in the goal, and confidence in himself. If he’s going to pull it together, Eric must tap into a part of himself that he never knew existed, and that might just be the part that connects us all.

"Readers will appreciate the fast-paced, compelling drama. A good choice for people who hope there’s more to space than space". ~ Kirkus Reviews

The Field is a compellingly honest slice of life with fully dimensional characters whose struggles and triumphs matter and touch you deeply. Richardson is a worthy heir to Madeleine L'Engle, whose 1962 fantasy fiction novel, A Wrinkle in Time, introduced serious scientific concepts in a book for young adults, and to boot placed a girl in the center of the story. While L'Engle unfolds concepts of space and time and thrusts her characters into an unknown fifth-dimension, Richardson's characters physically stay put yet intellectually travel beyond ordinary consciousness to delve into concepts of dark energy, collective [un]consciousness and universal energy fields. ~ 4 Stars ~ Rita Kohn, NUVO Newsweekly

“The idea behind THE FIELD is a brilliant blend of soccer, science and fiction. True-to-life characters, contemporaty environmental issues, and engaging metaphysical principals skirt the edges of science fiction and magical realism in this modern coming-of-age novel.” Laurie Gray, author of MAYBE I WILL and SUMMER SANCTUARY

"A combination of the real world of soccer and the mystical world of the Universal Energy Field. This is a very imaginative novel." ~ Bookviews by Alan Caruba

"The lines between science and science fiction blur when Eric Horton gets the starting keeper position on his school's soccer team. This novel makes a valiant effort to present broadly abstract scientific concepts in a largely metaphysical way, making its protagonist open to the possibilities of such phenomena even though he is actively experiencing it. Readers may find the philosophical musings interesting, and Eric's romance with Renee definitely makes the story more dramatic and complex." – School Library Journal, Ryan P. Donovan, New York Public Library

"The Field is an electrifying …[and] imaginative book full of action and mystery. I liked that the author blended a believable story about a regular high school boy with just enough sci-fi to make it enjoyable. … if you are a soccer fan who also likes a little bit of sci-fi, this book might be for you." ~ LitPik

"Sports, science, paranormal activity and strong realistic teenage characters, male and female. There is nothing not to like about this book." ~ Ann Jones, Goodreads Reviewer

""The Field" by Tracy Richardson is a first-reads due out in October of 2013, and it is an amazing combination of a clean cut, coming of age soccer athlete with a hint of a precognition type trait mixed in with educational science, scietific experimentation based in factual past practices mostly during war times, and a little magic and mysticism all rolled into one. Overall, I really liked The Field by Tracy Richardson and enjoyed so many different aspects of the story, even the fact that I can say that the cover on the ARC copy of the book is derived from page 154. That is so awesome." ~ CJ, Goodreads reviewer.

“Richardson did a terrific job of portraying this young male, and it really felt like I was inside a teenage boy’s head for the entire story (which was a little scary at times!). I’d highly recommend this book to any male young adult reader, and all the parents wondering about just WHAT is going on in their child’s head. It was a great read.” ~ Naimeless Blog

“I loved this story of discovery. Eric is examining his place in the world, his beliefs, and his emotional connection to friends and his girlfriend. This story has strong messages of unified spiritualism and green energy. Eric and Renee’s star-gazing date was a perfect example of a romantic and sweet alternative to the common.” Five Stars ~Page Princess Blog

“This was a really interesting read. What intriqued me the most was the sci-fi connection. The book is all about the Universal Field of energy that surrounds us. Eric participates in research testing and learns that he has a clairvoyant spark within himself.” ~The Write Path

The Field is an interesting YA read that’s rather difficult to classify. It’s part paranormal, part science. There’s a bit of mystery and some romance. One thing I liked about this novel is that it’s so different from other books I’ve read. I recommend The Field to everyone high school and up that enjoys an interesting and different read. There’s something for everyone in this novel: science, sports, angst, and romance.” ~ Once Upon a YA Book

"The Field plunges the reader into the realistic world of high school soccer and the mystical world of the Universal Energy Field--an intriguing combination." -Judith L. Roth, author of SERENDIPITY AND ME

"This was a fun book that has soccer and hidden abilities which sound like they won’t work well together but it does… I just really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more from Tracy in the future." ~ Sabrina's Paranormal Palace

"I really enjoyed that a book many are labeling “sci-fi” contained so much realism. Fans of the show “Fringe” will probably feel right at home in the pages of this novel. I highly recommend this great spring read!" ~ Library of the Seen


Tracy Richardson lives in Indiana with her family and their Jack Russell terrier, Ernie. When her children started reading, she rediscovered her childhood favorites and began developing stories of her own. Images from growing up on Lake Michigan feature prominently in her novels, and sometimes bits and pieces of actual people and events—with the names changed to protect the innocent! She is working on her second novel, THE FIELD, a teen/YA novel featuring one of the characters from INDIAN SUMMER.

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