Maybe I Will

Maybe I Will

2014 YALSA Teens' Top Ten Nominee

Laurie Gray

It's not about sex.


It’s not about sex.

It’s about how one secret act of violence changes everything—how best friends can desert you when you need them most, how nobody understands. It’s about the drinking and stealing and lying and wondering who you can trust. It’s about parents and teachers, police officers and counselors—all the people who are supposed to help you, but who may not even believe you.

It’s about how suddenly all of your hopes and dreams can vanish, and you can find yourself all alone, with nothing and no one. Your only choice is to end it all or to start over…and all you can think is Maybe I Will.
Author Laurie Gray presents a compelling picture of the realities of sexual assault in MAYBE I WILL, drawing on her years of experience as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, dealing with crimes against children. The twist in the story is that we never know for sure if the victim is a boy or a girl, and we realize that it doesn’t matter, because it’s not about sex.

Maybe I Will is an essential purchase for libraries with young adults requesting books like 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher, The Rules of Survival by Nancy Werlin, and Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson .
Perhaps the best parts of Maybe I Will were the poems and the literary references interwoven. How many teen titles link Shakespeare, Peter Pan, and Amazing Grace? The main character uses a journal to write through the process of discovering the answer to the question “What is character?” The poems are full of angst and speak to teens.
Maybe I Will leaves the reader with hope. There is hope, there are ways to survive the bad, and there are people out there to help. The reality is that the bad is not always sufficiently punished in our legal system. But Maybe I Will may be the title that helps a teen open up and tell someone, rather than continue to suffer in silence.
We never know for sure if the victim is a boy or a girl. Pulling that perspective off was a dramatic success. By having the character almost gender neutral, this title will be easier to put in both male and female reader’s hands.
Maybe I Will may be the title that helps a teen open up and tell someone, rather than continue to suffer in silence.
Practically Paradise – Diane R. Kelly

In MAYBE I WILL, author Laurie Gray deals with a difficult topic in a thoughtful, nuanced, and realistic way. A pinch of humor and dash of Shakespeare add flavor to what otherwise might be an overly heavy stew. MAYBE I WILL belongs on teens’ reading lists and bookshelves alongside classics of its type such as Laurie Halse Anderson’s SPEAK and Cheryl Rainfield’s SCARS. ~ Mike Mullin, award-winning author of ASHFALL and ASHEN WINTER

When a young person changes, suddenly and dramatically, for no apparent reason, there may be a reason that is not immediately apparent. In MAYBE I WILL, Laurie Gray insightfully explores such a situation. You will want to read this story twice. ~ Helen Frost, Printz Honor Award-Winning author of KEESHA'S HOUSE and DIAMOND WILLOW

"In Maybe I Will, Laurie Gray writes about important topics that teens need to talk about, including sexual assault, friendship, and alcoholism or self-destructive behaviors that result from trauma. Maybe I Will may help some teens know they're not alone."

~Cheryl Rainfield, award-winning author of Scars, Hunted, and Stained (coming Fall 2013),

"Sandy is written so as to be readable as either male or female…the book's portrayal is largely successful, and the note it hits at the end is hopeful without being unrealistic. A careful treatment of a difficult topic."

~Kirkus Reviews

Maybe I Will is afantastic story that stirs reader emotions and shares a meaningful story. I would reccommend it to teenagers who enjoy realistic fiction and books like Speak.

~VBat (17) at LitPicks

"Gray’s background as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and her talent as a writer enabled [her] to craft characters whose emotions, motivations, and reactions seem realistic and utterly believable. I would definitely recommend Maybe I Will for high school age readers, but I think it’s important that parents or teachers read it with the students. Kids will probably have questions about what they read and will benefit from discussing this topic with a trusted adult."

~Ross Brand, The Trades

Maybe I Will is a freaking awesome book about real teen struggles that really engages readers and allows them to connect with the characters. Sandy faces a sexual assault and is too scared to admit it to anyone and instead keeps it locked inside which leads to drinking to take away the pain. But there is hope,

~Haley, 17, YALSA Teen Top Ten Reviewer

OMG! This book blew my mind! My advisor received the ARCs of this book and liked how it sounded and decided to read it real quick. She went into it knowing that Sandy might be a boy or a girl. She really wanted some of us teens to read it and talk with her about it. So she gave me and my friend Haley two of the copies and gave us a few days to read it. However, where it said the whole thing about Sandy’s gender on the back cover and on the author’s page, she covered that spot up so we didn’t know it going into the story. She told us to read it and then she’d ask us one question. After we read it, we both talked about how we loved it and loved the ending and then Lindsey asked, “Was Sandy a boy or a girl?” Haley and I sat there in dead silence for a few sections in utter shock as we both realized that, yes, the author never mentioned it and never wrote “he” or “she” in the book. Haley read it as if Sandy was a boy; I read it as if Sandy was a girl. We immediately found ourselves not “arguing” our sides but talking about all the different points that pointed to Sandy being a guy or a girl. My mind is still blown!

~Sarah, 15, YALSA Teen Top Ten Reviewer

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Author Laurie Gray discusses the motivations behind writing Maybe I Will.

Laurie Gray has worked as a high school teacher, a deputy prosecuting attorney, and the founder of Socratic Parenting LLC ( In addition to writing, speaking and consulting, Laurie currently works as a bilingual child forensic interviewer at her local Child Advocacy Center and as an adjunct professor of criminal sciences at Indiana Tech. She has served on the faculty of the National Symposium for Child Abuse in Huntsville, Alabama, annually since 2009. Her debut novel Summer Sanctuary (Luminis Books/2010) received a Moon Beam Gold Medal for excellence in young adult fiction and was named a 2011 Indiana Best Book Finalist. Her third young adult novel Just Myrto (Luminis Books/2014) will carry readers back to ancient Greece to meet Socrates, Laurie’s favorite teacher of all times.

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