Indian Summer

Indian Summer

Tracy Richardson

Can a spirit from the past come back to help us solve a problem in the present?


Can a spirit from the past come back to help us solve a problem in the present? Twelve-year-old Marcie Horton is not looking forward to spending a lonely and boring summer at her grandparents' lake cottage. That is, until the woods near their home are threatened with development by the wealthy president of the university where her parents teach. Marcie is guided by the spirit of an Indian girl as she seeks to unlock the secrets of the past in her quest to save the centuries-old forest from development. Her effort is complicated by her growing friendship with the university president's popular daughter and the annual sailboat race, in which Marcie finds herself competing on the team of the wealthy summer house owners against the local residents. Marcie's success hinges on whether she can unravel the cryptic messages she receives in her dreams and visions from the mysterious spirit of the Native American girl, before the woods—and perhaps something much more important—are lost forever.

“I’ve been blessed in these past few weeks with young adult books that have taken me to places I have absolutely not wanted to come back from.  This book will be one that will sit on my shelf for a very long time, and I will pass along to my daughter, her daughter, etc. I loved this book.”  —Amy Lignor, Bookpleasures

"Unlike many stories in this genre, Richardson presents conflicts and issues that are subtly shaded with no clear good vs. bad, right vs. wrong. This real-world treatment of complex social and environmental issues places Indian Summer a notch above similar stories. Richardson create(s) complex, yet realistic relationships. Indian Summer is a thoughtfully written story requiring the reader to consider a number of value judgments along the way. For the YA reader . . . an entertaining and informative read. Thoughtfully written adventure with a hint of magic." - Thomas Temple, Amazon Reviewer

"Twilight got your tween reading, which is great. But let's be honest here, it isn't the best form of literature available out there. And while your tween might not be ready (or willing) to give Shakespeare a try at this point in her life, parents can continue feeding this new-found interest for reading by picking up more books that are not only geared at tweens, but are well written, have an intriguing plot and whose main character is relatable to them. Tracy Richardson's Indian Summer is exactly that. If you're the kind of parent who likes to read what your tween reads, rest assured: Indian Summer is a book you will also like reading." -

DOWNLOADSDiscussion Questions for Indian Summer
Discussion questions for educators and book groups.
Discussion by author, Tracy Richardson, about what motivated her when writing INDIAN SUMMER.

Tracy Richardson lives in Indiana with her family and their Jack Russell terrier, Ernie. When her children started reading, she rediscovered her childhood favorites and began developing stories of her own. Images from growing up on Lake Michigan feature prominently in her novels, and sometimes bits and pieces of actual people and events—with the names changed to protect the innocent! She is working on her second novel, THE FIELD, a teen/YA novel featuring one of the characters from INDIAN SUMMER.

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Canterbury Schools Spring Book Fair ~ Thursday, April 19th ~ Author Visit ~ Fort Wayne, IN ~ Book Fair events scheduled all week April 17th - 19th ~ open to the public!

Burris Lab School Young Author Celebration ~ Friday, May 18th ~ Author Visit ~ Muncie, IN

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CategoryChildrens - Teens
ImprintLuminis Books
Publication Date2010-01-05
Publication StatusIn Print
Trim Size5.50 x 8.00
Page Count198

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