A Simple Guide to iPad 2

A Simple Guide to iPad 2

C. Michael Woodward

Get up to speed on the new iPad 2 Fast!


Simple Guidesgive youJust the Facts.
Simple Guides: get you started quickly.
No extra clutter, no extra reading.
Learn how to set up your new iPad 2, customize the look and feel of your iPad, take pix and videos, then download and use all the coolest apps. Find out the best ways to maximize power usage and using 3G and wireless. Get started with built-in iPad apps such as iPod, iTunes, iBooks, Maps, Photo Booth, Facetime and Spotlight Search without all the hassle-set up your iPad the way you want, and start having fun!

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A Simple Guide to iPad
Get up to speed on the new iPad --fast!
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CategoryTopics of Interest
Publication Date2011-11-01
Publication StatusIn Print
Trim Size5 x 7
Page Count96

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