Hugh Fox

Hugh Fox is one of the founders (along with Ralph Ellison, Anais Nin, and Joyce Carol Oates) of the Puschcart Prize for literature.


Three wives, eight countries, three religions and fifty years later, Professor Buzz “Buzzy” Lox has received an invitation to attend the class reunion of his grammar school in Chicago, Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrows.

In Reunion, Hugh Fox creates a joyful, poignant world filled with magical and ghostly presences, as Buzzy’s trip to the Windy City dredges up emotions he almost forgot he had—dreamy nostalgia for the art world of his youth, conflicted and erogenous longing for women he knew once upon a time, and an overriding aura of doom heightened by the sense that maybe his best years are now behind him.

“ . . . a new sound built upon Whitman, Hart Crane, Ginsberg and Snyder that swirls into a kaleidoscope of American life." -Choice

“Like Charles Ives, like Herman Melville, Hugh Fox is an American original. There is no one else writing like him today.”
—Richard Morris

Hugh Fox was born in Chicago in 1932 and is one of the founders (along with Ralph Ellison, Anais Nin, Joyce Carol Oates, and Buckminster Fuller) of the Puschcart Prize for literature. He is a poet, novelist, critic, and has published over 100 works, including Defiance, The Collected Poetry, Home of the Gods, and Shaman. Hugh Fox passed away in early September, 2011.

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