A Simple Guide to Verizon iPhone 4

A Simple Guide to Verizon iPhone 4

Mary Lett

Get up to speed on the Verizon iPhone - fast!


Simple Guides
give you
Just the Facts
Get up to speed on the new Verizon iPhone—fast!
Simple Guides: get you started quickly.
No extra clutter, no extra reading.
Learn how to set up your Verizon iPhone, customize your screens and ring tones, take pix and videos, then download and use all the coolest apps.
Find out all the hidden secret uses of Verizon iPhone all your friends can only dream of using.
Learn the nuances of using Verizon iPhone to maximize your business and personal time.
Get started with Verizon iPhone basics such as voice mail, text, and GPS without all the hassle.
And don’t waste any more time with apps and features you don’t really care to use—set up your iPhone the way you want, and start having fun!

***** "Best Guide Ever!"

If only I had this manual when I bought the phone the first few days! Verizon guy didn't even know all the great steps that this author shows! She lays it out step by step (better than the iphone for Dummies books in my opinion) shows ways to save on your battery, how to set up voice dialing etc. etc. Anyone buying a new iphone should definately buy this book. ~Tweezer - reviewer on Amazon

***** "Great little book for beginners!"

If you are brand new to smart phones, this is the guide for you!!! If you know your way around these things, you might want to check out some of the other books that go into more depth, but for me, this book was perfect. I unpacked my iPhone 4 and immediately had no idea what to do with it. I'm used to a phone that requires nothing more than charging the battery, turning it on, and making a call. That mentality simply does not work with the iPhone. It does come with a tiny little instruction pamphlet with writing so small it must have been written for a mouse and there is an online PDF (which I did download) but this book walks you through everything from activation to actually using the phone and all its basic features. After sitting down with both the phone and the book, I am now actually loving my iPhone. I would recommend ordering this book when you order your iPhone! ~K. English - review on Amazon

***** "Excellent instruction book."

This book is very clear and simple. I like having a manual rather than sitting on front of my computer learning how to use the phone! ~ Donnie - review on Amazon

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