A Simple Guide to Skype

A Simple Guide to Skype

Rick Winter

Get Up to Speed with Skype—fast!


Simple Guides give you Just the Facts

Get up to speed with Skype—fast!

Simple Guides: get you started quickly.

No extra clutter, no extra reading.

Learn how to set up Skype, as well as how to add and set up all your friends, family, and other contacts.

Find out about all the features of Skype, how to change views, set your status and conduct video and audio only calls.

Learn about all the different things you can do to contact your friends and family on Skype for free, and start having fun!

Rick Winter lives in the mountains of Colorado and his family has been in the state for over 100 years. He loves to travel and has led groups of elementary school children to England, France, and Hawaii. Rick has published over 50 computer and children’s books and articles and has trained over 3,000 adults on computer software.

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