• Tangled Thoughts
    By: Cara Bertrand
  • This Ordinary Life
    By: Jennifer Walkup
  • Paris, Modigliani & Me
    By: Jacqueline Kolosov
  • The Possibility of Snow
    By: Al Riske

  • Flesh and Bone
    By: William Alton
  • Entrevoir
    By: Chris Katsaropoulos
  • Along the Way
    By: Jacqueline Kolosov

    Three Friends, 33 Days, and One Unforgettable Journey on the Camino de Santiago
  • Consolations
    By: Sally Wolfe
  • Complex Knowing
    By: Chris Katsaropoulos
  • Amy's Choice
    By: Marcia Strykowski
  • Second Thoughts
    By: Cara Bertrand
  • Lost In Thought
    By: Cara Bertrand
  • Shelter
    By: Patricia Aust
  • Just Myrto
    By: Laurie Gray
  • The Field
    By: Tracy Richardson

    There is more to Space than space. Bronze Medalist 2013 Moonbeam Children's Book Award
  • Second Verse
    By: Jennifer Walkup

    Can love last more than a lifetime? Can Murder? Gold Medalist 2013 Moonbeam Children's Book Award
  • Ghosts of Tom Joad
    By: Peter Van Buren

    A Story of the #99 Percent
  • Call Me Amy
    By: Marcia Strykowski

    Amy helps rescue an injured seal pup and faces a challenge that could change the future of her town, and her own life as well.
  • Maybe I Will
    By: Laurie Gray

    It's not about sex.
  • Aloha, Mozart
    By: Waimea Williams

    Would you risk your life—or your soul—for the sake of art?
  • A River So Long
    By: Vallie Lynn Watson

    "A lean and dirty dance through the unhooked lives of its characters..." "Vallie Lynn Watson is the natural heir of Jean Rhys."
  • Antiphony
    By: Chris Katsaropoulos

    What if the universe is really a giant thought?
  • Sabrina's Window
    By: Al Riske

    "Reading Sabrina's Window, I was reminded of how fragile and magnificent we humans are, how silly and petty... and absolutely generous."
  • Precarious
    By: Al Riske

    Includes “Pray for Rain,” winner of the 2008 Blue Mesa Review Fiction Prize
  • Summer Sanctuary
    By: Laurie Gray

    Gold Medalist 2010 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards Finalist - 2011 Best Book of Indiana
  • Reunion
    By: Hugh Fox

    Hugh Fox is one of the founders (along with Ralph Ellison, Anais Nin, and Joyce Carol Oates) of the Puschcart Prize for literature.
  • Fragile
    By: Chris Katsaropoulos

    "There is an element of higher meaning in this story that makes it fascinating to finish and to contemplate the experience of reading it."
  • Indian Summer
    By: Tracy Richardson

    Can a spirit from the past come back to help us solve a problem in the present?

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