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Luminis Books was launched in October 2008 with a mission to publish meaningful fiction for children and adults. As an independent publisher, Luminis has the opportunity to champion excellence in fiction from new authors who might not get the attention of the larger houses. Our size gives us strength as it enables Luminis to cultivate strong, collaborative, long-term relationships with our authors in bringing their work to market. Our commitment to our titles continues well beyond the publication date.


Our principals have over 25 years of experience in all aspects of publishing from production and acquisitions to sales and marketing. Our PR/Marketing team is creative in its approach and well connected in the industry. Our artists and designers produce distinctive and effective covers for our titles. Luminis has the talent and experience to produce books of the highest quality and then effectively market them to the trade and consumers.


We are always interested in connecting with others who share our love and commitment to quality fiction. Please join our mailing list to periodically hear from us, or send us an email to introduce yourself.

For inquiries, please contact: 

chris@luminisbooks.com or 317-250-9539

Luminis Books is distributed by Independent Publishers Group ~ iPg ~ www.ipgbook.com


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