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We publish thought-provoking literary fiction as well as young adult and middle grade fiction that explores the intricacies of human relationships.
Our novels and short stories shed light on the layers of truth and beauty that resonate in a world that is at once both ordinary and sacred.



Awards for Luminis Authors!


MAYBE I WILL by Laurie Gray ~ 2014 YALSA Teens' Top Ten Finalist


THE FIELD by Tracy Richardson - 2014 Eric Hoffer Award Winner ~ YA Category

Eric Hoffer Award Symbol

Congratulations to our authors!

  • Tangled Thoughts
    By: Cara Bertrand
  • This Ordinary Life
    By: Jennifer Walkup
  • Paris, Modigliani & Me
    By: Jacqueline Kolosov
  • The Possibility of Snow
    By: Al Riske

  • Flesh and Bone
    By: William Alton
  • Entrevoir
    By: Chris Katsaropoulos
  • Along the Way
    By: Jacqueline Kolosov

    Three Friends, 33 Days, and One Unforgettable Journey on the Camino de Santiago
  • Consolations
    By: Sally Wolfe
  • Complex Knowing
    By: Chris Katsaropoulos
  • Amy's Choice
    By: Marcia Strykowski
  • Second Thoughts
    By: Cara Bertrand
  • Lost In Thought
    By: Cara Bertrand
  • Shelter
    By: Patricia Aust
  • Just Myrto
    By: Laurie Gray
  • The Field
    By: Tracy Richardson

    There is more to Space than space. Bronze Medalist 2013 Moonbeam Children's Book Award
  • Second Verse
    By: Jennifer Walkup

    Can love last more than a lifetime? Can Murder? Gold Medalist 2013 Moonbeam Children's Book Award
  • Ghosts of Tom Joad
    By: Peter Van Buren

    A Story of the #99 Percent
  • Call Me Amy
    By: Marcia Strykowski

    Amy helps rescue an injured seal pup and faces a challenge that could change the future of her town, and her own life as well.
  • Maybe I Will
    By: Laurie Gray

    It's not about sex.
  • Aloha, Mozart
    By: Waimea Williams

    Would you risk your life—or your soul—for the sake of art?
  • A River So Long
    By: Vallie Lynn Watson

    "A lean and dirty dance through the unhooked lives of its characters..." "Vallie Lynn Watson is the natural heir of Jean Rhys."
  • Antiphony
    By: Chris Katsaropoulos

    What if the universe is really a giant thought?
  • Sabrina's Window
    By: Al Riske

    "Reading Sabrina's Window, I was reminded of how fragile and magnificent we humans are, how silly and petty... and absolutely generous."
  • Precarious
    By: Al Riske

    Includes “Pray for Rain,” winner of the 2008 Blue Mesa Review Fiction Prize
  • Summer Sanctuary
    By: Laurie Gray

    Gold Medalist 2010 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards Finalist - 2011 Best Book of Indiana
  • Reunion
    By: Hugh Fox

    Hugh Fox is one of the founders (along with Ralph Ellison, Anais Nin, and Joyce Carol Oates) of the Puschcart Prize for literature.
  • Fragile
    By: Chris Katsaropoulos

    "There is an element of higher meaning in this story that makes it fascinating to finish and to contemplate the experience of reading it."
  • Indian Summer
    By: Tracy Richardson

    Can a spirit from the past come back to help us solve a problem in the present?

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